The Office of Justice, Peace and Care for Creation

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur were founded to serve people in poverty in the most abandoned places. We believe many aspects of today's society contribute to keeping people poor. We work to change these oppressive structures and to help people gain what each has a right to - food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education.

Although we work on many local, regional and national social issues, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur from the Ohio Province have three concerns that are of the utmost importance to us: immigration, anti-racism, and care for creation. We invite you to work with us. Please contact Teresa Phillips, Director of Office of Justice, Peace and Care for Creation, at [email protected].





Teresa Phillips
Director of the Office of Justice,
Peace and Care for Creation
[email protected]

Special Campaign: Catholic Sisters Against Gun Violence

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Ohio Province is among eight regional Catholic religious congregations that are sponsoring a billboard urging an end to gun violence. Our message of promoting peace and valuing human life aligns with the core principles of many faiths. By raising awareness and providing concrete steps for action, we're empowering each person to contribute to creating safer communities. JOIN US. 

Prayers, Knowledge, Actions: Read Our Blog Posts

The article "Prayer: Make a Positive Impact" by CRS features a prayer for wisdom, justice, and compassion. It highlights LCWR's virtual prayer events for the national elections, Beyond Plastics' campaign against false claims, and updates from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Immigration Taskforce. It calls for advocacy on the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act and provides USCCB resources urging Catholics to engage in political life as part of their faith.

St Kateri Habitat

Discover the significance of July 14, the Feast of St. Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American saint and patroness of Native Americans, the environment, and ecology. Explore her story and join in a special prayer from Franciscan Media. Also, delve into critical discussions on the plastic crisis in TIME Magazine, navigate political information sources during this election season, and access new resources from the USCCB on faithful citizenship. Learn more about responsible citizenship and participation in political life as a Catholic virtue.


Discover the latest updates on justice, peace, and care for creation in this weekly newsletter. Includes a powerful prayer by Woodrow Wilson, insights on a controversial Supreme Court ruling, and resources for faithful citizenship. Stay informed and take action to uphold democracy and ethical governance.

Tent City in Portland, OR

Explore the compassionate prayer for those struggling without necessities in the intense summer heat and learn about recent actions and educational resources. Discover the latest immigration policy changes, support for Native communities, and updates on voting rights initiatives and resources. Stay informed and inspired to take action for justice and democracy.

World Refugee Day

Your beloved son, Jesus, taught us to ask, to seek, and to knock. We come before you in this spirit of prayer for those who are far from their homeland walking the path of migrants. They are our sisters and brothers, refugees fleeing violence, families fleeing poverty.

World Refugee Day

Your beloved son, Jesus, taught us to ask, to seek, and to knock. We come before you in this spirit of prayer for those who are far from their homeland walking the path of migrants. They are our sisters and brothers, refugees fleeing violence, families fleeing poverty.


The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Ohio Province has responded to Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ Action Platform by creating the Dorothy Stang Initiative for Laudato Si’ Action. While in the process of gathering data from sisters, associates, staff, donors and others in our circle, we were reminded that all steps we take are important - both big and small. We therefore introduce Your Little Bit of Good, a short weekly one-pager that focuses on some aspect of the environment. It is an attempt to bring forward small things we can do.

Teresa Phillips
Director of Justice, Peace and Care for Creation

Plastic Free July 2024

This week, "Plastic Free July Prayer" begins with a prayer by Catherine from Iona Presentation College, asking for strength to protect the environment. It encourages participation in Plastic Free July by reducing personal plastic use. The Plastics Taskforce of the Dorothy Stang Initiative focuses on eliminating plastic bags through advocacy, highlighting their environmental impact. It suggests personal and professional actions to reduce plastic use and stresses the need for corporate and political support for large-scale change. Contact information for the Plastics Taskforce at [email protected]

Plastic Free July 2024

We continue Plastic Free July with a heartfelt prayer and practical insights on reducing plastic use. Darcy, Year 7 at Iona Presentation College, shares a beautiful prayer thanking God for the natural world and asking for strength to strive for sustainability. Explore the impact of plastics on our health and environment, and learn actionable steps to minimize plastic use in your personal and professional life. From eliminating single-use plastics to advocating for larger-scale changes, discover how you can make a difference. Contact the Plastics Taskforce at [email protected] for more information.

Plastic Free July 2024

Join us in celebrating Plastic Free July with a heartfelt prayer and practical tips for reducing plastic use. This inspiring piece from Iona Presentation College encourages gratitude for God's natural gifts and empowers us to protect our planet. Explore the importance of rethinking our plastic consumption habits, understand the limitations of recycling, and discover actionable steps for personal and professional change. Embrace alternatives to single-use plastics and contribute to a sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference. Read more and get involved with the Plastics Taskforce by emailing [email protected].

Plastic Free July 2024

Join the Plastic Free July movement with a heartfelt prayer from Matilda, age 10, of Iona Presentation College. Learn how you can contribute to reducing plastic pollution through personal, professional, and global actions. Discover tips and take the Plastic Free July Challenge to make a significant impact. Take action today and be part of the change for a plastic-free world! Our own Plastics Taskforce is working on actions and solutions. Email us at [email protected]

Celebrate Pollinator Week, June 17-23!

Celebrate Pollinator Week, June 17-23!Did you know that 75% of all flowering plants rely on animal pollinators? Without them, many of our crops would simply vanish! Join us in raising awareness and taking action to protect these vital creatures Learn how you can help.

Cincinnati Zoo Sustainability Tour

God of blessings, the universe sings of your glory. Deepen our gratitude for all you have made and awaken in us a renewed commitment to care for the earth and each other.

With you, we change lives

With the support of generous friends like you, we are able to continue our mission of educating and taking a stand with those in poverty— especially women and children.

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