October 2019
Reflections of God's Goodness

Connecting with God

We are the most connected generations ever—or are we? 

How much time do you spend connecting with people face-to-face? Why call when a text will do?  Why visit when you can facetime! Busy and connected by technology describes most of us.  So much so—that we cannot find time to invest in friendships with people or with God.

God created us to be in relationship with Him. There’s a beautiful old song, called ‘In the Garden’ that describes how it could be.

“And he walks with me, and he talks with me, and he tells me I am His own. And the joy we share as we tarry there-None other has ever known."

Most of us know something about God from church and the Bible. And some of us probably pray often. But how many of us talk to God and then quiet our hearts to listen to Him. A personal relationship means including God in our life every day. It means reading His word so that we can get to know Him better: who He is, what He does, how He thinks, what He desires.

I used to think of faith as believing in doctrines, and they are still important, but so much more important to me is the understanding that faith is relational, it’s conversational and it’s about God’s love for us. God sent Jesus to reopen the lines of communication and promised the Holy Spirit to counsel us, teach us and guide us.

Remember David? He was far from perfect, but God called Him “a man after my own heart.”  Why?  Because David knew God and because of that, He prayed . . .  

“O God you are my God whom I seek; for my flesh pines and my soul thirsts . . .”  Psalm 63:2

How can we deepen our relationship with God? We can come before God open and honest. We are all transparent before Him as He already knows our thoughts and actions.

“ O Lord, you have probed me and you know me; you know when I sit and stand; you understand my thoughts from afar . . . . with all my ways you are familiar.”  Psalm 139:1-3

Pray as you read the Scriptures, meditate on His Word. Ask God questions, then quiet yourself and listen. The Spirit of God will speak to your spirit. Soon you will ‘see’ in a different way.  Your spiritual senses will awaken.

Sometimes God speaks to us through other people. Other times it is through the circumstances of our life. Learn to listen to the ‘still small voice’ inside that alerts you to divine communication! Your relationship with God will become the best thing in your life.



Sister Mary Ann Barnhorn, SNDdeN

Sister Mary Ann Barnhorn Photo

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