Notre Dame Prayer Cards

Our Community of Prayer program is a way for our friends to formally bring their loved ones into our circle of prayer. We maintain a special book with the names of all who are enrolled in our community of prayer. And then each day, in private prayer and as we gather for community prayer, we remember these friends and their special intentions.

To enroll someone in our Community of Prayer, we invite you to use the cards pictured below, which include prayers for loss, healing and celebration. There is no cost for the cards and you can order them online using the form below.  The cover images on these cards were photographed and designed by Sister Terry Davis, SNDdeN.

If you would like to make a gift with your enrollment, please go here to go to our online donation form.  Simply complete the "Tribute Information" at the end of the donation form and your loved one will be enrolled in our Community of Prayer.

Sample Card (front, inside, back)

Special Occasion Card 1

Special Occasion Card 2

Comfort Card 1

Comfort Card 2

Healing Card

Thinking of You Card