How do I know if God is calling me?

Impelled by the love of God...

We are women of diverse backgrounds and talents, united in our common desire to serve God and our neighbor through our lives and ministries as Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. As of December 31, 2023, there are 914 Sisters across the world: Africa, Europe, United States, Latin America and Japan. There are 40 novices and postulants, and 379 Associates.

Our community was founded by St. Julie Billiart in France in 1804, in the midst of the French Revolution. Julie had a steadfast belief in the Goodness of God, a belief shared by many generations of Sisters since that time. By our lives lived in community, with prayer at our core, we reach out to a broken world, with special attention to the poor wherever they are found. You will find us in involved in many aspects of education, healthcare, in social and pastoral ministries.

How do I know if God is calling me?Photo shows a lady teaching children

Listen to your heart.
Is something deep inside you inviting you to something more in life?

Listen to the many ways God speaks to you--not in a voice "out loud," but in the inner reaches of your mind and heart, in nature, in the events of your life.
Do you experience a deep yearning to make God the center of your life?

Listen to the voices of those around you.
Do others see qualities in you that might indicate a call to be about the work of building God's reign here on earth?

The process of listening to your own heart, to God and to the voices of others is called discernment. Discernment is a process of reflection, prayer, conversation and openness. Discernment takes time and energy; however, it is through this process that we discover who we are and who God wants us to be.

Whom Do I Contact?

It always helps to talk with someone. Sister Stephanie will be happy to talk with you by phone, respond to your e-mail questions or meet with you in person or on Zoom.

As you think about whether you have a call to religious life, we invite you to dialogue with us about our way of living and your desire to respond to God's invitation in your life. When you are ready, we can help you enter a more formal discernment process.

Sister Stephanie Thompson, SNDdeN
Email: [email protected]