Photo of crucifix inside a church

What is religious life like?

Sisters are ordinary women who have chosen to follow God's call to them through a life with mission, prayer and community living as its center. With the support of one another, we work in various ministries such as education, church and social ministries and healthcare.

Each religious community or congregation has a certain "charism" or "signature" way of carrying out their mission. Most congregations have a distinctive emblem, such as a cross, which members wear as a sign of their commitment. Sisters live simply in small groups or alone, usually near their ministries. As a community they share the tasks of daily living.

Each of us commits her one and only life to work with others to create justice and peace for all

Our prayer may include formal prayer such as the liturgy of the hours, liturgy of the Eucharist as well as scripture reflection, meditation, the rosary and spiritual reading. Shared prayer and faith are balanced with private and public prayer.

Sisters make a commitment to this way of life by the observance of three vows: poverty, consecrated celibacy and obedience.

We are ordinary women, but together, we do extraordinary things

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