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We believe the United States has an immigration system that is broken. It oppresses many people trying to enter the country. Families are being torn apart and people are kept from becoming good citizens because of antiquated laws and a climate of fear. Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur work to promote immigration laws that are not only just, but will secure the safety of the country while providing ways to enter the United States legally.

We also work to provide humanitarian assistance to immigrants who are faced with forced separation from their spouses or children and possible deportation as a result of workplace raids. Such activities might include providing translators or legal services.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Consider a gift to the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur to help us continue in our fight for just immigration laws.
  • Pray fof those fleeing unstable places simply looking for a safe place to live. Pray for those in power to open their hearts and minds to work for a just and fair policy.
  • Contact your elected officials regularly concerning immigration issues. Calls are best. Sending a letter to the local office is the next most effective way to be heard. If nothing else, send an email or sign online petitions.
  • Register to vote and use that power to address injustice in immigration policy.
  • Be a tutor or a teacher for ESL or adult literacy classes at a nearby agency.
  • Help a parent navigate and understand the school system, papers that parents need to sign, help with homework.
  • Provide a basic finance class at a local community agency.
  • Volunteer to assist with a local health fair for initial screenings, or provide a health class.
  • Assist with day care and or pre-school classes.
  • Help educate professionals who work with the immigrant community on cultural issues, customs, and etiquette.
  • Interpreters are needed in the school setting, in clinics, and throughout the legal process, not just in court. Lawyers need an interpreter when preparing cases and interviewing clients.