Daily Reflections

Daily Reflections are a wonderful way to focus your time and attention on seeking God's plan for the day ahead. Whether you need encouragement, peace, strength, or rest, God can meet you in a very real and present way when you come before Him with a humble heart. We hope you will join us each morning as we seek God's presence in all the tasks ahead.

Daily Reflections are written and contributed by Sister Diane Reed, SNDdeN

Lord Jesus, your prophets call us to love and serve the Lord. Give us listening hearts that we might hear their words.

Lord Jesus, only you could compare your Kingdom to a seed. But then, one never knows what wonders a seed contains.

Lord God, you tell us how you delight in your people. But we seldom mention our delight in you and all the wondrous ways you care for us.

Lord God, Creator of all that is, you stand outside the door of our hearts asking for entrance. Open our ears that we might hear you.

Lord God, you are that sower who went out to sow his seed. May we be that rich soil awaiting you as your dwelling place.

Lord God, what can be worse than not hearing or seeing you? You are the word and the way. There is no life without you.

Lord God, we give thee thanks that we are so wonderfully made. May we always reflect the wondrous treasure that dwells within us.

Lord God, how blessed we are to call you Father. It is your heart’s desire to surround your children with your all embracing love.

Lord God, often we are so focused upon ourselves that we neglect to consider how little love we share with you.

Lord God, you have promised to be with us in those “dark valleys” of life. We trust in your word and your care.

Lord God, Father of us all, it is your joy and delight to feed your children their daily bread. You will always be our food for life’s journey, day by day.

Lord God, you spoke to the Pharisees of times when love was greater than the law but they did not understand you.

Lord God, life has her share of burdens, as you well know. How comforting to know that you offer to share our yoke with us in times of need.

Lord God, you set before us the image of a child. Perhaps it is their unconditional love and unswerving trust that captures your heart.

Lord God, today there is concern for all the homeless in our world—refugees who have no country, no city, no home. Help us all find a home in you and one another.

Lord God, how wondrous it would be to reflect you to everyone I meet. Help me to empty myself and create space for your presence within me.

Father of our Lord Jesus, enlighten the eyes of our hearts, that we may know what is the hope, that belongs to our call.

Lord God, it is your heart’s desire to convince your children how much they are loved. You tell us that we are worth more than many sparrows, therefore we should not be afraid.

Lord God, you have said, “I am the truth,” assuring us that everything about you is true. Give us the courage to be like you.

Lord God, forgive us for overlooking you as life hurries by. Give us sensitive hearts that will always be aware of your presence.

As the poet says, “We see his face in ten thousand places. . . .” And for those who have eyes to see, let them see.

Lord God, our news today is filled with such people, and your heart is still overwhelmed. Give us caring hearts that will reach out and touch their suffering.

Lord God, sometimes we forget that you are there by our side in that “dark valley” surrounding us with your tender healing and merciful love. You will never leave us alone.

Lord God, life is difficult at times and we are reminded that we are indeed earthen vessels, fragile and weak. We lean on you and one another.

Lord God, your parting gift to us was peace. “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”