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Let’s De-Plasticify! As follow-up to the YLBG Plastics Series, we have a new short series on alternatives and the process of ridding (or at least reducing) plastics from your home.

The Beatitudes of Modern Times

Last week I came upon this article in the Global Sisters Report. In it, high school teacher Jane Marie Bradish explains her struggle to find the real application, so easily found in her calculus classes, in her moral theology class. After lessons and classroom conversations on the Beatitudes, her students wrote their own. They are Beatitudes for modern times - a real application for moral theology class.

From the heart...

August 2, 2022

Of all the change St. Julie Billiart wrought in this world, not only in her own time but in the hundreds of years since she walked among us, one change in particular is often overlooked. And it’s understandable why. So many schools have been built, so many children educated, so many missions undertaken, that the headlines in our mind’s eye are of these things.

De-Plasticify! I think I just made up a word. As follow-up to the YLBG Plastics Series, someone suggested I discuss the alternatives and the process of ridding plastics from your home. Sounds like another series is in order. Let’s start in the kitchen. Make changes as budget allows.

Live The Good: Prayer, Service, Community

Over the past two years, volunteers have participated in a wide variety of Live The Good Opportunities. Some are outdoors and others are indoors. Some require manual labor, while some can be done sitting. Most, but not all, are family friendly. We volunteer to prepare lunches for people experiencing food insecurity, and we tend to creation, God’s greatest gift to us.

A quote from Sister Jane Dwyer, SNDdeN

Read the update from Sister Jane Dwyer, SNDdeN in Brazil, as written by the Global Sisters Report

Lately I have been experiencing a lot of climate anxiety. How will we ever make a big enough dent in the damage being done? I worry about the world my children and their children will inherit. I think anyone who knows the reality of climate change worries at least a little. But, giving up, is not an option. How do we stay hopeful when we know it is only getting harder by the day?

Sister Judith Wessels, SNDdeN

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur ask for prayers for the repose of the soul of Sister Judith Wessels, SNDdeN who passed away on July 14, 2022

Image of newspaper clippings of July 1942 explosion in downtown Cincinnati

It often happens, while reviewing past oral histories, that we discover a Sister was witness to and recorded local and national events. In the late evening of July 15, 1942, a gasoline explosion occurred in a garage at 511 Sycamore Street, a blast that shook the downtown area.

In a past YLBG, we talked about the importance of bees and other pollinators to the world food supply. Native landscapes help here too. Nature will thrive if given the space to do so.

As we begin Plastic Free July, I offer a prayer for water. Our waterways are clogged with plastic. It floats in our rivers and oceans. Beaches are clogged with tons of it. If, every time we used it, we thought where it might end up, maybe it will help us to commit to going plastic free.

Let’s face it. Being and staying grateful is tough. On good days, I can easily breeze through the hours enjoying whatever is before me, often forgetting to offer a quick thanks to our good God who has blessed me so abundantly. On bad days, well, let’s just say that any thought of gratitude goes right out the window.

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur ask for prayers for the repose of the soul of Sister Elaine Ballmann, SNDdeN who passed away on June 20, 2022

For the third in the series, we’ll look at #3 plastics. This plastic is called Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). It is a rigid plastic that is resistant to chemicals and weathering. It is most used for building and construction as well as tech applications, such as wires and cable. It’s also widely used in the medical field because it’s impervious to germs, easily disinfected and has single-use applications that reduce infection.

On June 19, 1865, enslaved African-Americans in Texas were informed of their freedom – two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. For 150 years, many people have celebrated this date, known as Juneteenth, as the true end to slavery. Last year, Juneteenth was recognized and made a federal holiday. We invite you to read this message from Sister Teresita Weind, SNDdeN

A few weeks ago, I asked for suggested topics for YLBG. One suggestion was to do a series to explain the differences in plastics and what is and is not recycled. For the second in the series, we’ll look at #2 plastics. These are high-density polyethylene, or HDPE.

A few weeks ago, I asked you for suggested topics for YLBG. One suggestion was to do a series to explain the differences in plastics and what is and is not recycled. Let’s look at #1 plastics this week.

“Love brought us here. God brought us here.” A Live The Good Volunteer shared these words during reflection following our service at Mission of Mary Cooperative in Dayton.

YLBG’s is normally focused on what we can do to affect positive change for our environment. But, perhaps this week, it is appropriate to suspend that & look at what we can do to affect change in the area of gun violence. We invite you to act.

Notre Dame Mission Volunteers honored its various roots during AmeriCorps week, March 12 - 18. Service sites and NDMV staff took time to formally recognize and thank their Notre Dame AmeriCorps members for their service.

LCWR - membership of religious women continues to work towards healing, reconciliation, reparations, transformation, an end to systemic racism and justice for all. May God’s peace and comfort sustain all those whose lives are torn by racism and violence, and may our own lives give witness to the Gospel vision of love and compassion.

There is a prayer for each day of Laudato Si’ Week 2022 on this webpage. They highlight the seven groups addressed in the Holy Father’s Laudato Si’ Action Platform. I invite you to visit this page each day next week and join in this global prayer effort.

This week, May 1—7 is International Compost Awareness Week. My first thought is, “well there is an awareness week for everything.” We may laugh a little at these things, but, in actuality, they do serve a purpose.

This April a wonderful gathering of students, teachers, engineers, associates and Sisters met in the Clean Water for Life Project Learning Lab at Mount Notre Dame in Cincinnati. Lou Casey, the SNDdeN African Photovoltaic Project Engineer from Liverpool, England, showed pictures of the installations in Africa and of upgrades to the equipment and shared the impact they are having on the Sisters and the people they serve.