Access Copies of Pieces of Our Collection

Listed here are some documents and writings held in the Ohio Unit Archives of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. A short description accompanies the title that is linked to the access copy of the item.

Memo regarding the date of the Feast of Saint Julie: March 1971 memo written by Sister Mary Linscott to communicate the decision regarding moving  the date of the Feast of Saint Julie from April 8 to May 13. Sister Mary was the Superior General in 1971. The memo is addressed to Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur around the world.

LIFE OF THE REVEREND MOTHER MARIA JULIENNE: Mère Maria Julienne was the 9th Mother General of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. She served from 1912-1934 and saw the Sisters through World War I, the pandemic of 1918, radical changes in religious life brought about by the codification of Canon Law, expansion of the Notre Dame mission into Asia, and the beginning of the Great Depression. This is a transcription of a 73 page typed document that was mimeographed and distributed throughout the community in 1954.