Spirituality For Kids

You know the moments.

They are the special times. You are alone with your child, and a question comes up about heaven or God or why bad things happen to good people. These are sacred moments -- and they are among God's greatest gifts to parents.

Here are a few guidelines to help you take advantage of those moments, to help you talk to your children and to get them to talk to you.

For starters:

  1. Never say anything untrue
  2. Keep things simple
  3. Don't be afraid to say "I don't know." 

Key messages to help your child feel closer to a loving God:

  • Why do we have to share?

Well let’s think about this. Do we really need all that we have? Probably not. And so we share because it’s a good idea to pass things on to others. Where did you get the things you have? Someone probably gave them to you. Besides, when you share with others, it makes them happy – and you too. Can you imagine having no one to share things with? How do you feel when someone shares with you?

  • If I give away my stuff, how does that help me?

When you give something to someone, you make that person happy. It does something to you too. You get a warm feeling inside, and your heart will feel better. You will feel very special. That’s how you’ll know it’s the right thing to do. It may not be easy to share your stuff, and you may miss it. But your heart will grow larger and you’ll feel it. Think about the last time you gave something away. How did you feel? Did you really miss it?

  • Some people look so different. Why is this?

Actually, none of us is the same. In fact, we are all special and God loves each one of us. So, just because people do not look like you on the outside, doesn’t mean they are different on the inside. Some kids may be bad soccer players, but they are great at basketball. Others may not be able to walk or even to see as well as you, but they are whizzes in English. How are you different from your friends? What if your mom looked different from you, would you still love her?

  • What is the best part about going to church?

The best part is probably being together with your friends and family. These days, with so much going on, it may be the one time when everyone can be together. There’s also a lot of neat stuff to look at in church, candles and windows, and we get to sing as loudly as we want. Plus, church is a great place to pray and to talk to God. What’s your favorite part about going to church?

  • I’m just a kid. How can I make a difference?

You can make a difference by being your very best self and by helping people. It really doesn’t matter how old you are. You can be extra kind to your friends, to your parents. That will make a huge difference in their lives. Look around you. How do other kids make a difference? Can you think about a time when someone made a difference for you?

  • How can I tell if someone loves me just because of me?

For starters, you can tell if people really love you for you by the way they talk to you. They pay attention to you and don’t stop talking to you if someone else comes along. They want to be with you. They email and call you if they are far away. People who love you don’t have to give you stuff to prove it. And you will feel it in your heart. It’s a warm feeling that makes you happy. Do you feel like someone loves you?

  • How can God be everywhere?

That’s a hard one to answer. Actually, there are some things about God we just can’t explain. We just know God is everywhere because we see God’s goodness all around us and in everyone. God is a part of all of us. What do you think? How does God do it?

  • Some people have so much more than others. It’s not fair.

Things are not always what they seem. It may appear that some kids have more than you, but do they really? “More” isn’t always about the number of toys or video games you have. “More” is much bigger. You can’t always see the most important things. Maybe you have more love from your parents than the other kids around you. Is that fair? When you really think about it, do you have more or less?