Carrying the Light of Faith Script

A glance at the first eight Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur who ventured to America in 1840 to open a school in Cincinnati, OH. Written by Virginia Byrne.

Notes: This is a play about the first eight Sisters of Notre Dame coming to the United States. It was written by Virginia Byrne, teacher, Academy of Notre Dame, Worcester, MA. It is a little over 30 minutes in length and needs at least 10 people to produce. It utilizes very a very simple set and was written for high school students to produce. It might be appropriate for middle school as well. A video of the production can be seen at this link.

Virginia has given us permission to post the script. She simply asks that she be invited to attend any productions that are done. Please notify us if you plan to produce the play and we will supply her address.

The Mission to America

On August 24, 1840, Bishop Purcell received a letter introducing him to the first Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur who would work in his diocese for the instruction of young girls. Who were these original eight Sisters? Let them speak for themselves.

Notes: This is three pages of information about the first eight Sisters of Notre Dame to journey to America, what lead to their being sent, and some of the challenges they faced. It could easily be adapted for a dramatic presentation using a narrator for the first part and eight voices for the first eight Sisters. It can also be adapted for different ages.

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