Franklin Street Stained Glass

Franklin Street Stained Glass

Photo courtesy of Chaminade Julienne High School

Recently our office received an email from Chaminade Julienne High School (CJ) with a photo of the piece of stained glass pictured above and a question: did we have a photo of "the original SND building" in Dayton showing where this piece of stained glass came from? The short answer was "no" because the "original SND building" in Dayton had been demolished in 1904 to build an addition to Notre Dame Academy. The new edition opened at the corner of Franklin and Ludlow in 1905. 

The provenance of the stained glass showed it had once been in the "old Chaminade High School building." CJ went through old yearbooks looking for any photos showing the glass. They found one that showed the window over a door1


With that information, our office found a photo (pictured above right) within minutes! The original window was over the Ludlow Street entrance to Notre Dame Academy. Around the image of the anchor cross, also in stained glass, were the words: Notre Dame Academy.

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur moved their school from the corner of Franklin and Ludlow to the newly built Julienne High School in 1927, selling the old academy property to the Marianists. The Marianists kept the anchor cross and simply replaced "Notre Dame Academy" with "Chaminade High School." 

CJ is delighted to have this stained glass that connects to both their Notre Dame and Marianist Heritage. Click here to read more about the history of CJ.