Your Little Bit of Good - For the Earth September 23, 2023

Image of a growing tree with an abstract of green earth, with a quote from Saint Julie Billiart saying, "Courage! The more crosses you have, the more your soul will grow. Let the good God act."


We continue in the Season of Creation with the Let Justice and Peace Flow theme. It is a time to pause and find our purpose for the work of caring for creation. We will center prayer in our journey to continue developing an eco-spirituality.

Recently, while cleaning out some files, I found a previously unseen note from Sr. Dorothy Stang. It was written on a report from the World Bank and the Brazilian Environment Ministry. While on my way to the archives with it, some little voice told me to read again what she wrote in the margin. My eyes were directed immediately to this:

Our efforts are great because we believe that our Good God is our partner. He is our wisdom to do big things with little recourse.” – Sr. Dorothy Stang, SNDdeN

I’d been feeling particularly morose that day. As if my efforts mean so very little. Our efforts are great! Our good God will magnify all we do. Thanks, Dot, for the reminder!

“Future generations will never forgive us if we miss the opportunity to protect our common home. We have inherited a garden; we must not leave a desert for our children.” Joint statement from Pope Francis, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury.


By Deacon Alirio Cáceres Aguirre

From the hidden roots of the trees, in humble dialogue with the humus and the mysteries of the subsoil, We praise you God.

Precious Community of Infinite Love, For the gift of life, your hope and your comfort. With each nest and each fruit, With each fallen leaf turned into food We praise you, Creator Spirit

By the grace of your love and your main commandment By flying rivers and groundwater For the connection of the biome and the biodiverse communion

We praise you, O Lord, for your immense kindness in which each creature evolves, immersed. Everything is connected.
Everything is interlinked.
We apologize for breaking the whole
For giving rise to sin
We apologize for denying your love
For wanting to violate, for the evil ego.

This is an excerpt from a larger prayer. It can be found in the Catholic resources of the Interfaith Rainforest Alliance. There are resources from many of the world’s religions at this site.


The Catholic Climate Covenant has released a Season of Creation Call to Action. They are calling Catholics in the US to ask the Biden Administration to forgive the debt of developing nations and stop fossil fuel expansion at COP 28. You can join the global prayer for Climate Justice as we approach COP 28. 

For your action in this week of the Season, could you take action with the League of Conservation Voters and urge the Biden Administration to follow through on re-invigorating the National Environmental Policy Act, which is a law that requires the federal government to assess the environmental impacts of proposed projects prior to approval, and allows communities to have a voice in projects that will directly affect them. This last part is especially important to in the fight against environmental racism. This law was significantly weakened by the previous administration. You can contact the White House, or sign the petition here.

”Courage! The more crosses you have, the more your soul will grow. Let the good God act.” - St. Julie Billiart

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