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Courage/Risk Taking

From the beginnings of our Congregation, courage and risk-taking have been themes lived by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. Saint Julie Billiart, our foundress, was constantly exhorting her Sisters to have courage. She linked courage to trust in God and faithfulness to God’s goodness.

Liberty of Spirit

Our foundress, Saint Julie Billiart saw liberty of spirit as a fruit of a loving relationship with our Good God. She connected it with simplicity and finding God’s presence in each moment of the day, in each situation in which one found oneself and in each person with whom one interacted. It is rooting one’s self so deeply in God that there is deep confidence in actions that need to be taken, openness to the creativity of the Holy Spirit in facing new challenges and deep peace and joy in following God’s call in each moment of the day.

Refugees and Immigrants

Our first Sisters immigrated to the United States in response to a call from a bishop desperate for people to minister to the immigrants flooding into his diocese.

A Vision Realized: Reflections for the 175th Anniversary

A series of five reflection guides with the goal to look at the story of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur coming to America — not as a history lesson, but for inspiration in your faith journeys, as you try to live the charism and mission of Notre Dame today.