Sister Agnes Rose Havlik, SNDdeN

Sister Agnes Rose Havlik, SNDdeN

September 22, 1939 — October 9, 2013


Born to immigrant parents, Agnes Rose Havlik was shaped by her Eastern European roots—especially her love of Mary and devotion to the Eucharist. She was attracted to the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur because of her devotion to Mary. She stayed because of a growing willingness to serve where ever she was needed, and because of what she described as a “vocation” to community life. In a letter recommending her to the Sisters of Notre Dame the pastor of Holy Cross Parish described Agnes Rose as “…a girl of exceptionally high moral character…diligent, cheerful, helpful in every way….” These qualities nurtured in her youth served her well throughout her life.

Sisters who lived with Agnes Rose describe her as great fun, generous and loving. Hers was a quiet cheerfulness and humor expressed in a welcoming smile, gentle teasing and abundant quips. She valued participation in all levels of community life. She generously contributed her gifts to making her local community a nice place to be, going out of her way if she thought another Sister needed help. She enjoyed simple recreation with her sisters: games, conversation, music or watching a good movie. She also enjoyed dancing, reading and art. Her creativity was expressed in how she added joyfulness to community life as well as in how she educated her young students for life. Her love of turtles symbolized her ability to take the time to enjoy life’s journey and at the same time diligently work to reach a goal. In her case the goal was doing the day to day preparation necessary to teach her young students.

Described as a dedicated teacher, she devoted her life to the little ones whom she taught in her 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms in Hamilton, Reading, Calumet City, Cincinnati and Phoenix. Agnes Rose once wrote: “The task of each teacher is to open up those parts of the world that have not yet appeared within the child’s field of vision.” Their relationship with God was one ‘part of the world’ that Agnes Rose especially liked to help the children explore. She took to heart Jesus’ words: “Let the children come to me….” (MT 19:14) as she prepared students to receive their First Communion. She taught 2nd grade Religion as well as her own 3rd grade class the 16 years she served at Corryville Catholic. She took special interest in those children who struggled to learn, and in understanding the family situations that her children brought with them into her classroom.

Agnes Rose kept her teaching credentials current with workshops in all areas of religious education, individualized instruction, Montessori, computer education, as well as reading, writing and arithmetic. She met the requirements of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to become a Catechist. She valued opportunities for her on-going formation as a Sister of Notre Dame including the Active Spirituality Program during her sabbatical and a Julie Renewal Program and Pilgrimage.

Agnes Rose also valued participation in the broader Church community. She volunteered to teach 2nd grade parish religious education classes, to serve on Liturgy Committees, to take the Eucharist to shut-ins and residents of skilled care facilities. Just as she knew the importance of knowing the family situations shaping her students, she opened her heart to what was happening in the lives of parishioners, family, friends and coworkers, keeping their joys and sorrows in her prayer.

As Agnes Rose faced her final illness she shared openly with her Sisters in community about the journey that was ahead of her. Today as we thank God her journey has reached its destination we hear these words: “for everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” (LK 11:10), and we know that Agnes Rose continues to hold us in prayer as she celebrates in the presence of our good and loving God.

Bio Data
Born September 22, 1939 in Dayton, Ohio
Parents: Peter Havlik (born in Czechoslovakia) and Elizabeth “Bessie” Martinek (born in Yugoslavia)
Siblings: Joseph Havlik, Helen Havlik Bradburn

Baptized October 8 1939, Saint Anthony Parish, Dayton, Ohio.
Educated by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur at Holy Cross School and Saint Joseph Academy, Columbus.

Entered Notre Dame September 7, 1957 at Mount Notre Dame
First Profession: March 12, 1960
Final Vows: August 13, 1965

Bachelor of Science in Education, Our lady of Cincinnati College, 1969

Assignments Include:
1960-1961: Saint Veronica School, Hamilton, Ohio
1961-1962: Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School, Reading Ohio
1962-1968: Saint Veronica School, Hamilton, Ohio
1968-1973: St. Victor School, Calumet City, Illinois
1973-1979: Catholic Central Community School, Hamilton, Ohio
1980-1996: Corryville Catholic School, Cincinnati, Ohio
1996-2000: Saints Peter and Paul School, Reading, Ohio
2001-2004: St. Theresa School, Phoenix, Arizona
2004-2013: Mount Notre Dame Health Center, Reading, Ohio

Sr. Kim Dalgarn SNDdeN
October 10, 2013