Advocating for Others

Advocating for Others

Sherwin Anderson and Sister Rose Ann Fleming, SNDdeN

Sometimes what you know depends on the circles you travel in. If you’re in education, you know Sister Rose Ann Fleming as the former president of Trinity Washington University.

If you’re into sports, you know Sister Rose Ann as the force of nature (a.k.a Academic Advisor for Xavier Athletics) ensuring that each Xavier basketball player makes every class, turns in every assignment, and graduates. Which every single one of them, since 1986, has done.

But if you’re impoverished, and if you’re in trouble, the name Rose Ann Fleming has a whole different meaning. Because if you’re poor and in trouble, the jailhouse door closing behind you, it’s not the former college president you call or the Xavier advisor, it’s Rose Ann Fleming, the lawyer.

It’s a day in the life of Sister Rose Ann.

This story was featured on the 2022 Partners in Action Luncheon, May 11, 2022. Learn more about PIA HERE.