Serve with NDMVA Dayton and Five Rivers MetroParks!

NDMVA Dayton is looking for five members to serve for 900 hours starting in January through July 2022. For more information and to apply visit: or email Dr. Lisa McGurk at [email protected]

Available Positions:

  • Adventure Central at Wesleyan MetroPark Youth at Adventure Central are connected to the natural world through high quality learning experiences with caring adults in a safe, welcoming environment. NDA members at Adventure Central will lead groups as part of youth development efforts to include afterschool, day camp, activity night, and parent engagement programs. Members should be interested in working with children of all ages in an urban setting and should have an interest in science and nature.
  • Germantown MetroPark offers participants a chance to learn more about the history and importance of this watershed. The NDA member will learn many of the skills needed to become an environmental educator by working with the Green Schoolyards program to help promote youth access to gardens and habitats. Members also provide animal care, assist with programming, and train volunteers. Applicants should have a strong interest in environmental education, and be willing to work with animals including snakes and birds.
  • The NDA Green Schoolyards/ Green Community Outreach Coordinator works with schools in the Miami Valley to promote opportunities for youth to connect with nature. Members will assist with classes, trainings, and in-person visits to teachers and other adults interested in gardening with children. Applicants should have a strong interest or skill in gardening, capacity for planning and networking, and experience leading group activities.

Where We Serve


Jodi Pickering
Cincinnati Site Director

Dr. Lisa McGurk
Dayton Site Director

Laura Roch
Northeast OH Site Director