Thirty Years of Saying Yes to Service

Thirty Years of Saying Yes to Service

Tex at the International Rescue Committee, Atlanta

After thirty years of service, across the country, Notre Dame Mission Volunteers have a lot to reflect on. So much has changed over the years, but NDMV’s commitment to service of communities in need has remained a pillar of the organization. Every year NDMV members commit themselves to a year of service and are transformed by the experience.

There are so many reasons that year after year individuals continue to say yes to service with NDMVA. Take Tex Wambui, a first year NDMVA member who relocated from Sacramento, California to Atlanta, Georgia to serve. He is now almost three months into his service year at International Rescue Committee, an NDMVA partner organization that creates opportunities for refugees and immigrants to integrate and thrive in Georgia communities. Tex recently shared a reflection he wrote on his experience with service so far saying:

“My dedication to service is influenced by the guidance of my mentors, friends, and family. In all my stages of growth, there was someone or something that propelled me to the next level. My growth will continue to be influenced by the support of others around me. I must spread my energy and abilities into spaces that require a voice, and give the means to be a lighthouse of change as well as collaborate with like-minded individuals in facilitating and strengthening communities.”

NDMVA’s history as an organization mirrors this experience Tex shared. Shaped by incredible Sisters and community members that saw need in their communities, NDMVA continues to provide a helping hand where needed across the country. NDMVA’s legacy continues to persist 30 years later thanks to the tireless efforts of change-makers, like Tex, who continue to answer the call to serve.

Written by Amanda Odell, NDMVA, First published in the U.S. Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur eNewsletter, December 2022 - January 2023, Vol 13. No. 10.