Common myths about the need of support

"We don't need to help the Sisters because the dioceses support 
them and their work."

False. Our Sisters are responsible for all of their own living expenses. We receive no diocesan support in any city where we live or work.

"There is no need to help because all of the Sisters are retired."

False. More than 1,027 Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur continue to work in schools, outreach centers, pre-employment training and literacy programs throughout the world. Most work directly with people who are poor in places where there is no chance to earn a living wage.

"Why should I help the Sisters? Aren't they all dying off?"

False. Right now, more than 100 accomplished and dedicated women are in various stages of preparation for life as a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur.

"The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur don't need my support to care for their frail and elderly members. The Catholic Church takes care of all their needs."

False. Once a year, we are allowed to ask parishioners to contribute to the support of retired religious women and men across the country. Those contributions are shared by all participating congregations and communities and they meet just 3% of our annual need.

"My gift isn't important because all Sisters live in big convents where everything they need is provided for them."

False. These days most Sisters live in small homes or apartments in the neighborhoods where we work. We are responsible for all of the household expenses including utilities, insurance, upkeep and maintenance.