Winner of 2023 Spirit of Sister Dorothy Stang Award: Tabitha Mueller, MND High School

Picture of Sister Judi Clemens, SNDdeN with Tabitha Mueller, at Mount Notre Dame High School

We celebrate with Tabitha Mueller, the winner of the 2023 Spirit of Sister Dorothy Stang Award from Mount Notre Dame High School, granted by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Picture: Tabitha Mueller with Sister Judi Clemens, SNDdeN, provided by Mount Notre Dame High School.

The nominator, Principal Karen Day, wrote:

"Tabitha Mueller is a senior at Mount Notre Dame who is known by her peers and teachers for her deep concern and care for the environment. In fact, this care and concern radiate in her day-to-day actions in such a way that she inspires those around her to share in her hope for a sustainable future. Her influence is not the heavy-handed sort that chastises and commands, but rather energizes and encourages others to take actions of their own. Her environmental work is not limited to her immediate surroundings, those at school, but extends to the wider community as well. She has helped with efforts in the Reading area, as well as economically depressed areas within urban Cincinnati. Her efforts also cultivate relationships within the community as she joins with other organizations to work toward these goals which benefit the common good. Tabitha's holistic approach to sustainability is not limited to cosmetic changes in the environment but encompasses a more complete world outlook by addressing issues such as clean water, habitat restoration for wildlife, and increased quality of living for vulnerable populations within our shared communities. Tabitha is such a strong witness to the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and truly puts her faith into action."