Manifesto for Life in Memory of the 18 Years of the Murder of Sister Dorothy Stang

Manifesto for Life in Memory of the 18 Years of the Murder of Sister Dorothy Stang

I have come that all may have life and have it abundantly
(John 10:10)

Sister Dorothy Stang dedicated her life responding to this evangelical appeal, fighting for life. This year,2023, marks 18 years since tyranny, violence and greed murdered Sister Dorothy.

This same violence today kills the Yanomami and other indigenous peoples. It expels traditional communities from their ancestral territories, poisons the land and waters. Destroy the forests with chainsaws and fire.

Faced with this reality, we, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, together with several other people in this country who want to be witnesses of the generous love of Jesus - who worked so that there would be no hunger or pain - reaffirm our commitment not to rest until there is a fair distribution of the goodness of the earth among the daughters and sons of God.

We, who sign this manifesto, DENOUNCE the injustices perpetrated against the Yanomami and other originating and traditional peoples, as well as against peasant communities of family farmers scattered throughout Brazil and DEMAND:

  1. The immediate withdrawal of all prospectors from within the indigenous lands and any other places where they are causing destruction and violence to life;
  2. The urgent resumption of the ratification approval processes of Indigenous Lands that have remained paralyzed during these last few years;
  3. The resumption of the processes of recognition and titration of quilombola (areas belonging to African ex-slave populations) territories;
  4. The resumption of land regularization processes in riverside territories and other traditional communities, especially in the Amazon;
  5. The resumption of processes creating settlements for families in Family Agriculture;
  6. Punishment of those who have committed and continue to commit all kinds of crimes against these peoples and against Mother Earth, our Common Home.

Mr. President of the Republic, Senators and Congressmen, and Congresswomen: this requirement is being made to you.

Governors and members of States Congresses: it is also you to whom we address these demands.

We will not back off!  We will not rest until these peoples are done justice.

In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, whom we follow, and in memory of our loved ones who were killed by the violence of the powerful and the neglect of the Brazilian state, we demand:

That you Work for Brazil and the Brazilian people, not for your particular interests!

So we stand together firmly on this February 12, 2023, in memory of the 18th anniversary of the violent and cruel death of our sister Dorothy Stang!

We sign and demand action:


Sent by Sister Jane Dwyer, SNDdeN