Sister Carolyn Buhs
Malakal, South Sudan 

Bringing the Goodness of God to All She Meets 

Sister Carolyn and a Man in her office Sister Carolyn Buhs lives in the newest country in the world – South Sudan. It’s a hot dry dusty place. Sandstorms roll through the countryside. Temperatures hit 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

For years, South Sudan has been a place of war. And still is on some days. Thousands live in refugee camps such as in Agok, driven south by the camel-riding Janjaweed. In Agok food is in short supply. People live in mud-brick tukuls, covered only with roofs of grass. Schools are without tables and chairs. Agok is one of the places Sister Carolyn works, and in Malakal near the disputed border.

Sister Carolyn has spent thirty years in Africa. She’s lived and worked in Sudan, Kenya and now South Sudan. She’s mastered Arabic, experienced government coups, gone hungry in times of violence. She’s driven over dirt roads on cracked axles and on roads only recently cleared of mines.

But her love of the people consumes her, and her desire to bring them closer to God. She’s served as an organizer, teacher, school administrator; she’s taught English, social studies, writing, public speaking; she’s trained catechists and directed postulants.

Today South Sudan is a place of both trial and hope. War is ever threatening. Only a few months ago, while she was teaching, Sister Carolyn’s students began leaving in the middle of class. With ears attuned to the sounds of danger, they’d heard gunfire in the distance, and mortars. An attack was occurring on the banks of the Nile. The attack was repulsed and an immediate curfew ordered. But two days later, where was Sister Carolyn? In front of her class doing what she loves most – teaching and bringing the goodness of God to all she meets.

Sister Carolyn with Lost Boys picture

Sister Carolyn Buhs with "Lost Boys"

Girls carrying water picture

Girls carrying water in South Sudan

South Sudanese child picture

South Sudanese child