2023 Lenten Snapshots

During the 2023 Lenten season, we’ll share the work of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur from around the world. We hope you in turn will share their work with your family, friends, students and faculty.

Lenten Snapshot #1: Clean Water is the Key to Life

The water system at Kitenda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is now operational, thanks to your generosity. 

The site team replaced the 5.5-kilowatt pump with a 10-kilowatt pump. The system works by pumping water through a supply pipe a distance of 710 meters from the source along the ground and lifting it through 78 meters of elevation to where it finally discharges into the ground storage tanks. For the Sisters’ water systems in DRC, elevation is usually the dominant parameter to determine the required pumping power.

We are happy to see the water rush out of the tap and to know we can supply some of the needs of the Sisters in the community and the village through the public water taps that are located just outside of the SND community area.

Making known God’s goodness,



Sister Ann Fanella, SNDdeN
Clean Water for Life Volunteer

The water is turned on in Kitenda, DRC!

The village priest blesses the Sisters' updated water system in Kitenda, DRC

Children access the village water source in Kitenda, DRC.