Moving Forward

Moving Forward

A large box from West Bengal, India was on its way to my office. It appeared days before Christmas when a winter storm kept most of us at home. Somehow, the box kept moving forward.

The box reminded me of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. Despite whatever challenges they faced, they always found a way keep moving forward. They’ve continually found new ways to meet needs and make known God’s goodness for over 175 years. The purchase of our new Live The Good t-shirts is just one more example.

I opened the box from West Bengal and held a t-shirt in my hands. It was handmade by women living in poverty and vulnerable to the sex trafficking industry. Each t-shirt made moves them one step forward and away from the dangers that nip at their heels. Employed by Joyya and paid more than a just wage, they are given a real shot at a better life. For the first time, they have access to health care, education, and job training. Our purchase helps make that possible.

It gets better. Each t-shirt is made with 100% organic cotton sourced from crops that are rain-fed and hand-picked, sustainable jute, and water-based inks. The use of local dye ensures that workers, the environment, and customers are not exposed to toxic chemicals. This commitment to protecting the environment aligns with the Sisters’ commitment to support Pope Francis’ challenge to vigorously respond the need to care for God’s creation and address the climate crisis. You can read more about the Sisters’ efforts HERE

Every Live The Good Opportunity, every act of service, moves the world forward in positive ways. Join us for our next Live The Good Opportunity and put your faith in action. How wonderful it is to make God’s goodness known—together.


Be well. Do good.



Holly Schlaack
Director of Volunteer Engagement