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In gratitude and honor of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur for their dedication to St. Alexander's School

From 1925-1998 the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur served Saint Alexander school, parish, and community in Villa Park, IL. In their honor a maple tree has been planted and a bench installed on the Prairie Path near the parish where bikers, walkers and runners pass by. A dedication ceremony was held on Saturday, September 16, 2023.

Group photo of Sisters and Associates of Notre Dame de Namur

Our Arizona Associates celebrated their Commitment Ceremony on Saturday, May 20th, as d...

Georgia Associates group made their commitment on Wednesday, March 22 with Fr. Bob Hussey presiding in the sanctuary of St. Thomas More Church.

Moving Forward

February 28, 2023

Provincial Sister Kathleen Harmon brings good news: “I am happy to announce that Associate Barbara Markus has accepted the position of Director of Associates. Barb brings both leadership and administrative skills to this role, as well as her years of experience as an

Tina Cook joined as an associate under the leadership of Sister Virginia Scally, SNDdeN in 2008. She shared her experience as an associate and as a leader in her associate group in Michigan

It’s why, too, I so appreciate the Sisters and the Associates, and am grateful to join with them in Live the Good retreats and Saturday Mornings of Spirituality. It’s why I’m a Eucharistic distributor and reader at Sunday Mass in the Sister’s chapel at Mt. Notre Dame, and why I enjoy small group meetings with Associates. Praying, working together, listening to one another helps us all to deepen our awareness of God in our lives.

Associates Tina Cook (left) and San Juanita " Janie" Hadley (right)

San Juanita Hadley became an associate in October 1999, under the leadership of Sister Virginia Scally, SNDdeN. She shared with us her thoughts on being an associate.