At the invitation of Cincinnati's first Bishop, John Purcell, the first group of 8 Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur came to this country from Belgium. They arrived at Cincinnati's public landing on October 31,1840. 

The 2016 Cincinnati Partners in Action Luncheon was held on Thursday, May 12, 2016 at the Cintas Center on the Xavier University campus. Thank you to everyone who attended.  It was a great success! 

Join Sister Mary Ann Barnhorn as she shares the gift of Notre Dame Spirituality in her monthly message.






Martha (John 11)

And Martha said, “Yes Lord, I have come to believe in you.”


When Jesus asked Martha if she believed in him, she said that she “had come to believe…” that faith grew within her over time.

Lord God, like Martha, we too have come to believe in you along the way. It is life that teaches us how to be faithful and how to be loving.