At the invitation of Cincinnati's first Bishop, John Purcell, the first group of 8 Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur came to this country from Belgium. They arrived at Cincinnati's public landing on October 31,1840. 

Sister Jeanette works in the La Savane slum in Haiti, home to thousands of impoverished men, women and children. She directs the Notre Dame Family Education Center, which offers job skills training and, with your help, hopes to open a bakery.

Join Sister Mary Ann Barnhorn as she shares her thoughts on Thanksgiving as a sacred tradition, rooted in the basic belief that God is behind it all.






Isaiah 52 (Romans 10)

“How beautiful upon the mountain top the feet of those who bring glad tidings.”

These lovely words of Isaiah could describe any one of us who in our daily journey through life bring “tiding of comfort and joy” to those we meet.

Lord, since the beginning of time, there have been beautiful feet upon the mountain tops. We join them, as we continue to share the glad tiding of your love with others