Cars that didn’t make it lie tipped in the ditches. There are no lights, no bridges, no people to help. Only rainforest, and mud. Our Sister Dorothy was shot on this road. Our Sister Jane walks here still.

…" she had said, and was rescued into new life. Then, again, she fell into the old one. She lied, she shoplifted, she stole. Soon she was pitched into jail. "I am worthless," she thought. "Even to God I am worthless."

Join Sister Mary Ann Barnhorn as she shares the gift of Notre Dame Spirituality in her monthly message.






Isaiah & Jesus (Mark 7)

“This people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me.


We all know how it feels when someone has not told us the truth.

Lord, you have told us that you are “the truth.” That your life speaks to who you are. Give us the authenticity that verifies the truth of who we are.