Daily Reflections

Daily Reflections are a wonderful way to focus your time and attention on seeking God's plan for the day ahead. Whether you need encouragement, peace, strength, or rest, God can meet you in a very real and present way when you come before Him with a humble heart. We hope you will join us each morning as we seek God's presence in all the tasks ahead.

Daily Reflections are written and contributed by Sister Diane Reed, SNDdeN

Loving God, how unfair to be marked for death because you came to give others life.

Lord God, you are my strength and my rock. Yet I forget to seek your face when I am in need. Help me to cast my cares upon you.

Lord God, Father of us all, to “hand over” your beloved Son knowing what awaited him, is a gift beyond all other gifts.

Lord God, how eager you are to grant your children a “gracious hearing” but often we do not listen to you.

Lord God, your Son was ever mindful that he was one who was “sent” on behalf of others.

Lord God, what a simple man, Joseph. You entrusted him with the care of your Son and his mother. He was almost too ordinary to be noticed.

Lord God, how you long to be close to your people. Regardless of our sinfulness and fragility, you are so anxious to claim us as your own.

Lord God, so much of your life was spent within the confines of a carpenter’s shop. So many spent, so much time looking for you in all the wrong places.

Lord God, yours is a love beyond our wildest dreams. There is no anguish or aches that are beyond the limits of your healing mercy.

Lord God, how tempting it is to seek “other gods” when we do not keep faith with our own. Keep us steadfast in our love for you when the journey becomes difficult.

Loving God, you are indeed our Good Shepherd. There is no dark valley beyond the healing touch of your merciful love.

Lord God, you gave to us only one commandment: love you God and your neighbor. No dogma, no doctrine will ever supersede this commandment.

Lord God, what an “amazing grace” that you choose to place your Spirit within us. Help me to make of myself a worthy dwelling place for you.

Lord God, one can scarcely believe such a “verdict”—the rejection of life, the rejection of love, the rejection of you. How can this be?

Lord God, it seems to be a biblical reality that you have penchant for the “lowly” of our world. What is it about them that catches your heart?

Blessed one, you are indeed all about love. You welcome us to participate in your love and invite us to “Taste and see.”

Lord God, you promise to hear us whenever we cry to you. You promise that you will always be our God. “Amazing grace, how sweet thou art.”

Lord God, it is your heart’s desire that all your children may be one. You gave us your Son to show us the way and he gave us his life.

Lord God, we feel the frustrations and lack of prophets. We are like sheep without a shepherd.

Lord God, there is much in life that leaves us perplexed and overwhelmed. It is hope and trust in you that sees us through our dark valleys.

Lord God, we your children stumble along our way to you as best we can, depending upon the sustaining care of your love for us.

Lord God, what comfort and joy to rest in the blessed assurance of your boundless, merciful love for us.

God, our Father, we will never completely comprehend the height and depth of such a wondrous gift. And yet we realize that it embodies the essence of your love for us.

Lord God, we hunger and thirst to become “caught up” in you. May our lives, like yours, become a fire and a force.

Lord God, one asks, how can this be? And yet in our heart of hearts, we know. It is still happening today.