Daily Reflections

Daily Reflections are a wonderful way to focus your time and attention on seeking God's plan for the day ahead. Whether you need encouragement, peace, strength, or rest, God can meet you in a very real and present way when you come before Him with a humble heart. We hope you will join us each morning as we seek God's presence in all the tasks ahead.

Daily Reflections are written and contributed by Sister Diane Reed, SNDdeN

Lord God, Good Shepherd of us all, keep us ever attentive to the sound of your voice and sheltering, sustaining love.

Loving One, like the good Father that you are, you heap blessings upon your children. We give you our great thanks and praise.

Lord God, how proud you must have been of these early followers of your Son. “See how they love one another,” people said. Make us like them in their tenacious and tender love for you and for one another.

Lord God, help us to trust in you. Help us to be your instrument like Paul.

Lord God, help us to understand that Pentecost is the Feast of “Commissioning” for all who carry the Spirit’s fire into the dark places of our world.

Lord God, Father of us all, the gift of your Son is gift beyond all grace. We believe that somehow loving him now is the beginning of loving him forever.

Lord God, you define yourself as food for your children. We know that if we come to you, we will never need to fear hunger.

Lord God, you are indeed our Good Shepherd. You lived your life for us and you laid it down for us.

“The way that we may be sure that we know Jesus Christ is to keep his commandments.” (John 2)           &nb...

Lord God, like the disciples, we also are not always aware of your presence. Help us to hear those reassuring words, “It is I. Do not be afraid.”

Lord God, teach us how to live our love “out loud” so that we will set others afire with your power and your presence.

Lord God, the earth is full of your goodness. Teach us to “taste and see” your loving presence always surrounding us.

Loving Lord, it is your hearts’ desire that your people “taste and see” the depth of your love for them—that no cry is left unheeded, no words left unheard.

Loving God, your Feast of Pentecost anointed us all with the Spirit fire that flames out and fills the earth. Our very lives should illuminate any darkness that we encounter.

Lord God, Mary’s simplicity leaves us with much to ponder. A handmaid is a lowly table servant whose eyes follow the motion of the master’s hands at all times.

Lord God, how like you to speak the language of your children. You do not forget that we hold your love in earthen vessels.

Lord God, your disciples had grown accustomed to your face and they were missing you. We, too, hunger and thirst for some reassurance of your presence.

Lord God, such a tender account of your presence and concern after your Resurrection as well as an invitation to breakfast on the sea shore.

Lord God, not only do you call out of darkness, you invite us to proclaim your mighty works to the ends of the earth.

Loving Father, sometimes we limit Eucharist to the breaking of bread. Perhaps throughout our day, there are other “sharings” that also reveal the presence of the Lord.

Lord God, what courage and faith-filled Mary’s heart. Give to us her tenacious hope and desire when we are not quite certain where to search for you.

Lord God, you have told us that you are “the way.” Remind us to look for you when we are confused and lost.

Merciful Father, giver of all good gifts, the Resurrection of your Beloved Son is gift beyond our wildest dreams. There will never be thanks enough.