2020 Virtual Partners in Action 

Tuesday, August 11, 2020
12:00pm to 1:00pm

2020 Partners in Action Steering Committee Members

Bradley D. McPeek, Chair
Phyllis M. Adams
Barbara F. Applegarth
Porter Castleberry
Thomas J. Compton
Todd L. Cooper
Annie Daniel
Daniel F. Dugan
Greg Ionna
Richard S. Joseph
Thomas A. Joseph
Robert Kissel
Aaron M. Monk
Maribeth S. Rahe
Kenneth J. Ryan
Matthew R. Sathe
Louise Stakelin

Advisory Members
Kathryn S. Harsh
Mag Joseph
Kathy Kissel McQueen
James Price
Nadine Whitsett

Photos from 2019 Partners in Action Luncheon

Thank you to all of our guests and sponsors who made the 2019 Partners in Action Luncheon a success!









Thanks to our 2020 sponsors!

PIA 2020 Stories

Thank you message from Sister Kathy Harmon, SNDdeN