Meet Our Donors

Quite simply, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur wouldn't exist without friends.

We are a community encircled by friendship, from our earliest days to today. Our friends have many faces and this page is full of wonderful stories of our donor's caring and appreciation. Every gift, big or small, helps the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur to carry out our mission of making known God's goodness and educating for life, especially the poor and abandoned. We sincerely thank all our generous supporters and are proud to share some of their stories.


Dear Sr. Mary Ann,

…Please accept [our gift] as an expression of the support [we] offer for the work that you do, the vision that you have for us as a church and the spirit with which your order lives the gospel of our Lord.

Thank you for infusing so much hope into our world.  We see it on many wonderful and creative levels.

"That's Powerful & That's the Sisters of Notre Dame"

Maria H. Topken
Donor, Volunteer, Member of the Development Advisory Board

"When I see what the Sisters are doing and how they're helping others, it just makes me say, 'I need to be there too.  I need to help them as well.  I need to do what I can do to help move this mission forward.'"

A Precious Gift

Former students from Most Holy Trinity in Phoenix, Arizona

“They were walking in God’s footsteps.” Richard Barido

“We knew they cared about us and it was the highest definition of unconditional love. They meant everything to us. They still do. They still do.” Joe Simek

“They gave us an incredible value to life.” Marilyn Priebe

“They gave us that gift of giving to others.” Former student

A Story Of Friendship

Sister Imelda and RuthRuth Wallace
Student and Friend

This is a story about friendship that begins in Calumet City, Illinois, when a second grader named Ruth Wallace found the warm and loving heart of Imelda Laub, a young secretary in her father's law firm. Ruth often rode her bicycle to the law office to visit with Imelda, who was kind and patient, who taught the seven-year-old valuable lessons in trust, understanding and a little typing. "She was my buddy," is how Ruth sums it all up.

That was more than 70 years ago, before Imelda became a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur and teacher at St. Xavier Commercial School in Cincinnati, and Ruth became a prominent scholar in the field of sociology and a distinguished professor at George Washington University.

Over the decades, Sister Imelda and Ruth wanted only what is best for each other, as true friends always do. Ruth recently made a touching decision that will honor and care for Sister Imelda and other Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur who have had such an influence on her life: She is remembering the Sisters in her will. Ruth explained why: "I am not wealthy, but I have what I need. When you're in this position, you want to help and care for your friends. This was a natural decision."

We have a special section designed to help you make a gift like Ruth's. Go to this link for more information on planned giving.

Showing The Deepest Respect

Channing and Barbara HeadleyChanning and Barbara Headley
Grateful Parents

Channing and Barbara Headley of Cincinnati were guided by three reasons when they decided to support the Sisters with a Charitable Gift Annuity. "Our boys were educated by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, from Montessori through high school. They couldn't have received a better education; one based on solid Christian values. We are so grateful," Barbara explained.

She recalled the special influence the Sisters brought to the classroom and to her sons. Chan noted that their gift is also a reflection of the admiration he and Barbara have for the Sisters and their ministries. "From their work in the inner-city schools like Corryville Catholic, to the care they show for the frail and elderly Sisters at the Health Center. I have the deepest respect for the Sisters and I always will," he said.

We have a special section designed to help you make a gift like the one Channing and Barbara made. Go to this link for more information on planned giving.