May 2014
Reflections of God's Goodness

The heavens are telling the glory of God and all creation is shouting for joy!

As we continue to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, we realize once again that it changes everything. Our eyes are open to the works of God…in creation and in our hearts where we know His love and mercy.

Jesus’ resurrection didn’t just happen. Jesus said ‘yes’, day after day to His Father. Jesus trusted in God’s love. As dawn confirmed His resurrection, the disciples were transformed. They learned to trust. As we think about our relationship with Jesus and His Father, we must realize that they have invited us into their relationship of love and trust. God wants to be our friend and want us to have friends here on earth.

God wants to be our friend — what an awesome thought. What a scary thought. Learning to trust God and each other is critical to our happiness and survival and Jesus used many images from nature to teach us about trusting in God. Look, He said, at the Lilies of the field –they neither sow nor reap and yet the good Father feeds them. And again, what about the birds, they always have enough. Can we too, trust that God will provide?

There is more to Jesus’ resurrection than meets the eye! Jesus didn’t just wake up one day and trust it was going to be okay. It didn’t just happen. Jesus said ‘yes’, day after day to His Father. Jesus trusted God and His life, like ours, unfolded with each new yes. We can learn from Jesus how to respond each day to God’s invitation to believe, to trust, to love.

Trusting God and trusting another with our thoughts, feelings, and frustrations are acts of faith. Faith not only in God or another person, but in ourselves, in our ability to be trustworthy.

Take stock. Being trustworthy is as important as trusting another because if we cannot hold a confidence, or accept a difference, we won’t be able to trust a friend and a friend will not be able to trust us. We need to remember that trusting another and being trustworthy ourselves go hand in hand.

When we share our lives with close friends, we know we are on holy ground. We hold these friendships sacred. As the earth explodes around us in splendor and new life, echoing the beauty of the God who calls us friend, let us cherish this gift of beauty God offers to each of us. The beauty of relationship, of love, of trust…in Him and in each other.

I pray that as Spring unfolds in all its glory, the roots of our faith and trust will grow deeper, giving us the strength and stability to continue to sing…

Open my eyes Lord — help me to see your face…Open my ears Lord, help me to hear your voice…Open my heart Lord, help me to love like You…

Blessings and Peace,

Sister Mary Ann Barnhorn's signature

Sister Mary Ann Barnhorn
Director of Development

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