Service in a Pandemic: Hope Burus, Corryville Catholic Elementary

Service in a Pandemic: Hope Burus, Corryville Catholic Elementary

Notre Dame AmeriCorps Members are lay people working to further the educational mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, both here and abroad. They serve in 24 cities and in Haiti and number more than 400 people. Their situations, as with most of us, have unexpectedly taken a turn due to the pandemic. Yet their work goes on. Over the next several weeks we’ll highlight some of their stories.

Hope Burus spent her first year of AmeriCorps with the Dream Program in Philadephia, PA. However, her goal is to explore different types of education that she can apply to her dream of creating a school for foster children. That is what brought her to Corryville Catholic Elementary School in Cincinnati, OH.

Before the pandemic, her duties were tutoring students and helping teachers with administrative work. With a masters in Teaching and Teacher Education, she's familiar with teaching and direct support, but new to online teaching. According to Hope, “It’s an interesting transition at the moment. I partner with another teacher to provide online tutoring for students using Google Classroom and Zoom.” With her team, they work together to create the best learning environment possible for students during the pandemic. Hope has also helped with the science curriculum. “I have never done this before and it’s very different.”

The school has been providing families with resources as a response to the pandemic. Even though it is a private school, Corryville Catholic enrolls students from all economic backgrounds from all over the city. With one grade per room, it made it easier for the teachers, including Hope, to focus on the students and their progress in learning.

Hope has enjoyed meeting with the Sisters and appreciate the positive impact in her growth in the past year. “It has been rewarding. I love everyone I met here.” Hope is still undecided about what’s next.