"Even in difficult things, the good God will always be there to help you."

"Even in difficult things, the good God will always be there to help you."

The pandemic is touching all of us. Some of us have sequestered ourselves to the greatest degree possible away from others, yet still remain vulnerable. Some are on the frontlines vulnerable almost every waking minute. But no matter who we are, or our age, or where we live, we are all in a common moment, and so bound together in common cause such as we have not known for a long, long time.

Uncertainty is the byword of the season. We are uncertain about the safety of our loved ones, about our means to support ourselves and our families, about whether school in the fall will begin in recognizable form.

But in the midst of this uncertainty, please know the certainty of God’s love, and the certainty of the Sisters’ prayers for you.

St. Julie, so accustomed to adversity, had this to say: “Even in difficult things, the good God will always be there to help you.”

The pandemic is certainly a difficult thing, and we are in difficult times.

But so too can we find God alongside us.

Please know the Sisters are continuing in ministry. Sister Rose Ann Fleming continues to provide legal services for those who can’t afford them. Sister Mary Ann Barnhorn has been working tirelessly to secure in-kind medical supplies for our Mount Notre Dame Health Center. And a number of Sisters are using Face Time to provide spiritual direction.

The Sisters are also continuing as best they can to care for the eighty elderly Sisters in our Health Center. They are tending to the normal needs of old age, but also taking extraordinary measures to keep our oldest Sisters safe in the present danger.

As you can imagine, costs are soaring. There is the usual overhead of our physical plant. There are the wages of our medical, dietary and support staff (our heroes). There is the continuing need for supplies not covered by insurance or government sources. And in this current crisis, there are additional expenses of extra medical equipment, extra compensation for staff, extra protocols, extra personal protective equipment, extra disinfectant, and sanitizing supplies – all and all totaling well in excess of $100,000.

If you can help with this cost it will go a long way in helping the Sisters weather this storm. It will help them – for whatever comes – to be prepared. Because it’s for this preparation, more than ever before, that they need your assistance.

Our prayers are with you, that you are able to bear the present uncertainty with faith, fortitude, reason – and so importantly – with a commitment to our brothers and sisters. Because “even in difficult things, the good God will always be there to help you”.