By Extension: Our Sisters' Work with Immigrants

By Extension: Our Sisters' Work with Immigrants

A matter of months ago, mere weeks, Sister Nancy Wellmeier was in the thick of people (please check out her work before the pandemic here). She was face to face with immigrants and asylum seekers, and shoulder to shoulder with people of faith putting their faith into action.

Then came COVID, and overnight everything changed.

Everything but her commitment.

Where before Sister Nancy personally instructed her language students – standing before them as any teacher might – now she relies on the U.S. mail to deliver homework, grammar assignments and vocabulary lists. Likewise, for those in her citizenship classes, she mails applications and carefully-drafted instructions on how to move forward.

She continues to collect cash contributions for families in need (many not eligible for stimulus funding), and along with Sister Olivia Pacheco and partnering churches has begun distributing food and other assistance to ‘pop-up’ food pantries.

The work is done differently, but still the work goes on.

“I’ve been drawn to this type of immigrant,” Sister Nancy says, “the ones who are vulnerable, who don’t know how things work. It’s why I’m here.”