Live the Good: Then and Now

Live the Good: Then and Now

A century ago, Captain Charles Durant wrote of the Sisters’ invaluable contributions during the Spanish Flu in Lawrence, Massachusetts. With ‘enthusiastic cooperation’, they worked alongside doctors and nurses. In the spirit of St. Julie Billiart and with courage and trust in God’s goodness, they fed the hungry, cared for the sick, and offered comfort to the dying.


During Covid-19, the Sisters’ love of God shines through the countless ways they are bringing good to hurting people around the globe. In Brazil and Nicaragua, Kenya, Nigeria and right here at home, the Sisters are busy feeding the hungry, making masks, and bringing comfort to those who suffer while praying for all of us. Their dedication to serving others and making God’s goodness known hasn’t changed in a world where it seems nothing stays the same.

The Sisters show us what we can always count on: the goodness of God, the joy of service and the power of love. They give us a roadmap to navigate the ever-changing landscape brought about by Covid-19. We must start by looking closely for the good. It is all around us, hidden in plain sight while fear and anxiety take center stage. Where have you seen goodness? Where will you find it today?

We will make our way through this difficult time by doing good for others in big and small ways. A silent prayer for a distressed stranger. A potted plant left on the doorstep of a newly widowed woman. Leaving Costco with a highly valued four-pack of Clorox wipes and offering one to a stranger in the parking lot. These little things move the world in ways we cannot imagine. In the process, we find our hearts a little lighter.

There’s no doubt the good God will get us to the other side of this pandemic. Our journey through it will be much easier as we find and bring goodness to each day.

Good that is shared connects us during this pandemic, and connection is so vitally important. In that spirit, I invite you to share your pictures of where you found good or did good. Please send them via email to [email protected]. In turn, I’ll share them with all of you.

As always, the Sisters are praying for us all. Please keep them in your prayers.
Be well. Do Good.

Holly Schlaack
Director of Volunteer Engagement

Source: Barthelemy, Nancy. Annals from the Archives, Sisters of Notre Dame and the Epidemic of 1918. October, 2015.

Live the Good (LTG) is growing community of volunteers who are making God’s goodness known. We provide opportunities for you to work alongside our Sisters as they live out St. Julie Billiart’s mission. For more information on LTG and to stay updated on volunteer opportunities, please contact Holly Schlaack.