Physical Distancing and New Ways of Connecting

Physical Distancing and New Ways of Connecting

Sister Linda Soucek, or aka Dr. Soucek, is a practicing clinical psychologist in Louisville, Kentucky. In her early years, she was an elementary school teacher for twelve years and an elementary school principal for five years. She was called to religious life at an early age and expressed her desire to her parents when in the fourth grade. 

Although Sister Linda spent her early career in education, she was aware that psychology was the profession to which God was calling her. She moved to Cincinnati to attend Xavier University, and then moved to Louisville to continue her studies at Spalding University. She and Sister Mary Macys have a small private practice in Louisville.

During this time of social distancing and quarantine, she connects with her clients via Zoom.  “I have a good relationship with my clients and they are grateful for the continued opportunity to work out their issues with someone they trust.” These days, her clients who tend to be depressed need to be reminded of the skills we have been working to alleviate their various symptoms.  Those patients who are anxious appreciate the opportunity to practice relaxation techniques and learn new ways to handle isolation. 

When asked about what brings her joy, Sister Linda noted that working with clients to make their lives better is fulfilling and is her part in bringing the goodness of God into their lives. She related an experience of hers that took place outside of her parish in Louisville. A woman came out of church and approached her and declared enthusiastically, “Dr. Soucek, thank you! You saved my marriage.” That was a great day for her and an expression of the charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. It was an opportunity to celebrate the goodness of God.  

As a psychologist, Sister Linda has a list of suggestions for her clients to try in this uncharted territory of working from home, helping to educate us while we are not able to go wherever we please whenever we please. Three things Sister Linda mentioned are: focus on the positive, on things we can do instead of what we cannot; do not overload on news; and realize that it won’t last forever.