Lenten Snapshot #5: Clean Water is the Key to Life

Lenten Snapshot #5: Clean Water is the Key to Life

Students in Yambio, South Sudan

During the 2020 Lenten season, we’ll share the work of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur from around the world. We hope you in turn will share with your family, friends, students and/or faculty by email or by posting each Lenten Snapshot on your e-bulletin board.

Last week, Sister of Notre Dame de Namur Carolyn Buhs sent an update from the Solidarity Teacher Training College in Yambio, South Sudan. 

Here is an excerpt from her letter.

This new reality of coronavirus pandemic must be reaching you as it is also reaching us.

On March 20th, we received an email from our Solidarity Executive Director announcing that all schools in South Sudan must close for 30 days. We decided that our Level 4 students who had completed two weeks of School Practice and four weeks of classes should have a Graduation Ceremony and wear the blue gowns. Sunday evening was the Ceremony! Saturday and Sunday we were busy preparing documents so that each student would have something when they left us.

We are now sheltering in place and trying to practice social distancing. We’re very grateful that at the beginning of this month, our new photovoltaic system was installed and is working. Our internet service does have its problems, but we do enjoy lights at night!

We are also grateful that the new South Sudan Transitional Government has also begun, somewhat as planned on February 22nd.

Despite some threatening letters of rebellion because of tribalism, we are also very grateful that on March 22nd, the new Archbishop of Juba was peacefully installed.

We hear that almost half of the South Sudanese are suffering hunger because of the fighting that has been going on in some areas. We all are hoping the Transitional Government will really bring peace.

There are many more South Sudanese who are living in crowded UN Protection of Civilian camps. Many of our students are returning to their families in those camps. Yesterday we heard that the locust swarm has reached Juba. We hope it does not come to our area.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayer as we keep you in our prayer. God is so very good!

Sister Carolyn Buhs