Lenten Snapshot #2: Clean Water is the Key to Life

A Sister and Students in Nigeria

A Sister and Students in Nigeria

During the 2020 Lenten season, we’ll share the work of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur from around the world. We hope you in turn will share their work with your family, friends, students and faculty by email or by posting each Lenten Snapshot on a bulletin board or sharing the information via social media.

Since 1963, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur have been called to teach in Nigeria. Sisters serve as administrators, bursars and teachers in twelve schools across the country where they serve over 3,900 students. Many of the schools are located in rural areas where they lack access to electricity and clean drinking water.

Because most students come from low-income homes, many families struggle to pay students’ school fees. The government does not give any subsidy to support these mission schools. Our Sisters face the enormous challenge of adjusting fees to keep children in school and paying just wages to their teachers to provide a life-changing education to those living in poverty.

The Sisters in Nigeria provide the transformative power of education to form young people for life. In the words of St. Julie, they “exist for the poor, absolutely for the poor.”

Making known God’s goodness with you,


Sister Marie Smith, SNDdeN
Clean Water for Life Volunteer