Grade 7 Lesson Plan

Subject: Social Studies and English

Topic: History

Content Standard: Historians and archaeologists describe historical events and issues from the perspectives of people living at the time to avoid evaluating the past in terms of today’s norms and values.

Objectives (“I Can” Statements): I can evaluate primary and secondary sources about the Sisters of Notre Dame coming to America and establishing themselves in Cincinnati. I can complete a piece of writing in the point of view of a Sister.


  • Computers/iPads/Other technology
  • Books (or library)
  • Art supplies for presentation if needed
  • Paper for diary entry


  1. Students will conduct research in groups of 3 or 4 on the Sisters coming to America and their first establishment in Cincinnati.
  2. They will look for primary and secondary sources – students may also use the library for research
  3. In groups, students will create a presentation of their findings (this may be anything the students come up with – poster, Prezi, power point presentation, blog, etc.)
  4. Students will also have an individual piece to this assignment – they will write a diary entry as if they were living during this time (again, students can be creative here – they can simply write a diary entry, create a blog site, a twitter account, etc.)
  5. Students will present their presentation to the class


The teacher may choose to use the presentation as a group grade or group and individual grade by using a rubric. They may also want to have students evaluate themselves and their group members as a part of this grade. Additionally, teachers may want to take the diary entry as a writing assignment grade. The writing piece would be a good overlap with what students are learning in English/Language Arts and could count as a dual grade.