Grade 6 Lesson Plan

Subject: Social Studies

Topic: Spatial Thinking and Skills

Content Standard: Globes and other geographic tools can be used to gather, process, and report information about people, places, and environments. Cartographers decide which information to include and how it is displayed.

Objectives (“I Can” Statements): I can gather information from maps, books, and online sources to create a brochure of a pertinent city in SND history.


  • Construction paper or card stock for brochure
  • Art supplies (glue, scissors, colored pencils, markers, etc.)
  • Computers/iPads/Other technology
  • Relevant books or access to library
  • Maps/Globes


  1. Teacher will give a quick overview of the pertinent cities (Amiens, Cincinnati, Belgium, etc.) in SND history, stating important facts about each.
  2. Students will be placed in groups of 4 or 5. They will be given one of the cities that the teacher has touched upon.
  3. In their groups, students will be asked to research and create a brochure about the city they are given, using relevant information about the city’s history in regards to the Sisters of Notre Dame. Students will use maps, globes, books, online sources, and other resources to help them gather information. Students will need to include the following items on their brochure:
    a. Map of the city
    b. Its connection and importance to the Sisters
    c. Timeline of important events that have occurred in the city (at least 5)
    d. Five interesting facts
    e. Culture of the city (i.e. language spoken there)
    f. Pictures (at least 4)
  4. Students may choose to create the brochure online using Microsoft Publisher or create their own.
  5. Students will present their brochure to the class.


Teachers may choose to use the brochure as a group grade using a rubric. Teachers may also choose to have an individual component to the project such as a writing a short paragraph about their city and why it was such an important city to the Sisters of Notre Dame.