Grade 2 Lesson Plan

Subject: Social Studies

Topic: Historical Thinking and Skills

Content Standard: Time can be shown graphically on calendars and timelines.

Objectives (“I Can” Statements): I can show change over time by placing events in chronological order on a timeline. I can create a class mural timeline about the Sisters of Notre Dame’s journey to America.


  • Crayons/markers/colored pencils
  • Long poster paper to be used for the class timeline
  • Post-its
  • Smaller poster paper
  • Other art supplies (i.e. tissue paper, glue, stickers, etc.) for the partner posters
  • Power point (optional)
  • Exit slip (optional)


  1. Teacher will begin by asking students to list at least 5 big events that have happened in their lives (i.e. when they were born, when they moved to a new house, when a sibling was born, when they received First Communion, etc.). Students will put each event on a separate post-it note.
  2. Then, the teacher will ask the students to put them in order based on which event happened first. Students will use their desks as “timelines” and move the post-its accordingly.
  3. The teacher will provide a brief discussion about timelines and give an overview of the Sisters coming to America and major events that have happened in their history (possibly with a power point?)
  4. The teacher will group students in pairs and give them a major event from the Sisters’ journey to America with the date. Students will work with a partner and create a small poster of their event, including the date.
  5. Students will be asked to put their event on a class timeline in the correct order.
  6. Students will do a “gallery walk” and look at each event (and make sure they are in the correct order)
  7. Class debrief led by the teacher


The teacher may use the small poster they have made as a partner assessment grade. Additionally, if this is a topic that students have learned previously or have already begun learning, the teacher may choose to create a small exit slip in which the students would work individually to place other major events from the Sisters of Notre Dame’s journey to America in the correct, chronological order on a timeline. Or, students could place events from some other event in the correct order (i.e. Sr. Dorothy’s life, etc.)


Brief History of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur