Grade 1 Lesson Plan

Subject: Social Studies

Topic: Geography

Content Standard: Maps can be used to locate and identify places.

Objectives (“I Can” Statements): I can locate and identify places on a map. I can locate key places on a map of the Sisters of Notre Dame’s journey to America.


  • Masking tape
  • Construction paper stars, schoolhouses, etc. to locate key places on the map
  • Mapping worksheets for beginning and end of class
  • List of clues for map activity


  1. To begin, the teacher will go over certain things about maps: cardinal directions, the key, landforms, etc.
  2. Students will complete a worksheet as a class of their playground (teacher can make up a worksheet or find one online) that practices the skills listed above
  3. Then, on the floor, the teacher will have a grid created with masking tape to look like a map of America with key places that SND has impacted (i.e. Catholic schools they have built, etc.) with certain places marked using a star or a schoolhouse, etc.
  4. Students will gather in a circle around the map/grid created on the floor
  5. The teacher will go over again, the key that includes symbols that indicate specific areas, cardinal directions, and a few key states
  6. The teacher will invite students individually or call on students to locate specific places on the map using clues (i.e. “This is a school that was built by the Sisters of Notre Dame in ____ and it is located west of Ohio”)
  7. This will continue until all of the places have been located that the teacher has created
  8. Students will return to their seats and the teacher will go over some key points of the day’s lesson.
  9. Optional: teachers can have students complete a worksheet locating places at their school or community as a way of assessment


Teachers may use the optional worksheet at the end as an exit slip or form of assessment since this lesson is primarily work that is done by the whole class. If not, the teacher may choose to wait and assess students once they have discussed this topic further.


Brief History of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur