Dorothy Stang Speakers Bureau

Elizabeth Marie Bowyer, SNDdeN (Cincinnati, OH)

Presentation: Giving Priority to Care of the Earth
Description: Reflections on God's call to participate in care of the earth: the example of Sister Dorothy Stang who gave her life to prevent the destruction of the live giving Amazon Forest.
Length: Forty-five minutes followed by questions and discussion. (Needed: equipment for projecting a PowerPoint/DVD)
Contact Information: 513-679-2249

Ellen Dabrieo, SNDdeN (Peabody, MA)

Presentation: Blessed is She Who Believed
Description: Background on Dorothy Stang and a reflective PowerPoint.
Length: From 1 hour to 90 Minutes
Contact Information: 978-304-9231

Sarah Fahy, SNDdeN (Washington, DC)

Presentation: Dorothy Stang Woman of the 21st Century 
Description: Reflections on Dorothy as a Global Citizen and Visionary Activist.
Length: Prayer; Presentation (20-30 minutes); questions and perhaps process depending on the group and the request.
Contact Information: 202 863-3944

Maryann Gilespie, SNDdeN (Seminole, FL)

Presentation: Dorothy, the Woman
Description: to be determined in conversation with you
Length: to fit in the time frame you have available
Contact Information: 727-248-6562

Marilyn Kerber, SNDdeN (Cincinnati, OH)

Presentation: Let Your Life Speak Goodness
Description: This presentation joins the work of Parker Palmer on casting more light than shadow and the life of Sister Dorothy Stang.
Length: approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, including a prayer (Litany of Dot and quotes of hers and some friends)
Contact Information: 513-207-1314

Joan Krimm, SNDdeN (Cincinnati, OH)

Presentation: Dorothy, the Woman
Description: Her Life, Death and Legacy 
Length: to fit in the time frame you have available
Contact Information: 513-679-8180

Roseanne Murphy, SNDdeN (Belmont, CA)

Author: Martyr of the Amazon: The Life of Sr. Dorothy Stang
Presentation: The Spirit of Dorothy Stang; Martyr of the Amazon
Description: The world desperately needs people like Dorothy Stang. Her life speaks to us today as we face the growing need for people with compassion and courage. We will consider how this modern day woman developed into someone who loved the poor so much that she gave her life for them.
Length: approximately 1 hour with 20 minutes for questions and answers. Beginning and
ending with prayer.
Contact Information: 650-592-2572 or Cell: 650-367-3647

Jon Julie Sullivan, SNDdeN (Cambridge, MA)

Presentation: "What a simple story she was."
Description: When I read her biographical data, and remembered her conversations when we were on the Pilgrimage to St.Julie's home in 2004, I felt that she was a credible witness to the Gospel and loved acting like an apostle.
Length: Approximately 1 hour
Contact Information: Email

Jan Turala (Dayton, OH)

Presentation: The Life of Sr. Dorothy Stang
Description: A talk on the life of Sr. Dorothy followed by the viewing of and discussion about: The Student, the Nun and the Amazon. This is an introductory presentation on Sr. Dorothy suitable for small groups.
Length: Approximately 1 hour
Contact Info: 937-293-4420