Dorothy Stang Speakers Bureau

Judi Clemens, SNDdeN (Cincinnati, OH)

Presentation: Sharing my life with Dorothy Stang in Brazil and how I remember her today, depending on what the audience desires.
Description: Dorothy Stang was a woman of faith on a mission and to know her was to know her mission.
Contact Information: 513-827-7455

Ellen Dabrieo, SNDdeN (Peabody, MA)

Presentation: Blessed is She Who Believed
Description: Background on Dorothy Stang and a reflective PowerPoint.
Length: From 1 hour to 90 Minutes
Contact Information: 978-304-9231

Maryann Gillespie, SNDdeN (Seminole, FL)

Presentation: Dorothy, the Woman
Description: to be determined in conversation with you
Length: to fit in the time frame you have available
Contact Information: 727-248-6562

Marilyn Kerber, SNDdeN (Cincinnati, OH)

Presentation: Let Your Life Speak Goodness
Description: This presentation joins the work of Parker Palmer on casting more light than shadow and the life of Sister Dorothy Stang.
Length: approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, including a prayer (Litany of Dot and quotes of hers and some friends)
Contact Information: 513-207-1314

Liz Bowyer, SNDdeN (Cincinnati, OH)

Presentation: Unique perspective as Sister Dorothy's friend and the Ohio Provincial at the time of her death (2005)
Contact information: [email protected]