Her Legacy Endures in Us..


  • Three of our Brazilian Sisters, Sisters Sandra Araujo dos Santos, Lucyane Ribeiro Diniz (Lu)m and Carla Maria Vasconcelos, along with Sister Ani Wihbey carry on the legacy on Notre Dame and Sister Dorothy in Breves, Marajo - a large delta island at the mouth of the Amazon River
  • Another three of our Brazilian Sisters - Sisters Maria de Jesus Borges Costa (Rosinha), Josineide Maria da Silva and Maria de Socorro Oliveira along with Sister Rebeca Spires carru on Dot's legady in Oiapoque in the nothernmost state of Brazil, Amapa
  • Brazilian Sister Maria Vager Souza along with Sisters Katy Webster and Jane Dwyer continue Dorothy's work in Anapu, Para, where Dorothy was killed.
  • Brazilian Sister Maria Tecla da Silva Gaia continues the Notre Dame Mission in Belem, Para

The Sisters work with a host of Brazilian lay women and men who carry on the mission and charism of Notre Dame all over north and northeastern Brazil.


The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in the United States and across the globe continue to share Sister Dorothy's story and ministry and encourage sisters, associates, colleagues, friends old and new to advance Sister Dorothy's legacy in a world that is crying out for the healing presence of God and an appreciation and respect for all of creation.

Compiled by Meg Glendon. First published in the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur U.S. eNewsletter, March 2021