Sister Rosemary Donohue
Baltimore, MD

"Seasoned Educators have a responsibility the future of education” 

There’s something almost poetic about the new ministry Sisters Rosemary Donohue has taken on. After serving more than two decades as the Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Portland, Maine, and after teaching in and after administering schools systems in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Washington D.C., and Miami, this life long educator is now a University Supervisor of Teachers-in-Training at Notre Dame of Maryland University in Baltimore. The university was founded in 1895 by the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

In her new role, Sister Rosemary is the link between the university, the student and the student’s mentor. All Sister’s students are college graduates or in graduate school. Some already have a graduate degree in a field that they now want to teach. All need advanced certification, and that’s where Sisters Rosemary comes in.

She works with the students and their mentors to make sure everything is on track – all to create the best educator possible.

Sister Rosemary Donohue Picture “I work with elementary, middle and high school teachers from public schools, charter and Catholic schools in the area. It’s a ministry that allows me to continue my love of education. It also reinforces my strong belief that seasoned educators have a responsibility to students and families, and most of all to the future of education.”