The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Ohio Province has responded to Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ Action Platform by creating the Dorothy Stang Initiative for Laudato Si’ Action. While in the process of gathering data from sisters, associates, staff, donors and others in our circle, we were reminded that all steps we take are important - both big and small. We therefore introduce Your Little Bit of Good, a short weekly one-pager that focuses on some aspect of the environment. It is an attempt to bring forward small things we can do.

Teresa Phillips
Director of Justice, Peace and Care for Creation


Come walk beside me and don’t worry. We will find our way. I am certain of it: we will find our way to hope, to justice, and to peace. Remember, we have made this journey before. We have come through other long treks to the promised future. We will make this one too. We have the faith. We have the tenacity. We will find our way once again with the guidance and protection of the Spirit. So, come walk beside me and don’t worry. Show me the wonders to come through your eyes that I may see tomorrow more clearly.

Steven Charleston


As we continue to celebrate the Season of Creation, let’s keep the positive outlook going. I want to focus this issue on something very local to Cincinnati. We’ve talked about the Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub (The Hub) before. I want to give a bit more detail. This amazing place should be replicated in every city.

The Cincinnati Recycle & Reuse Hub will host Hub-toberfest, a fundraising and get-to-know-us event this Sunday, 9/18. Attendees will tour the facility, meet the staff and board, and enjoy a party that includes vendors, music and food trucks.

The Hub is a non-profit organization whose mission is “to revolutionize how people think about “things” and to provide a place where almost anything can be recycled or reused.” The Hub’s business model is one based on volunteers. There are only two paid staff people. The board members are volunteers, and the warehouse is mostly run by volunteers.

Why is The Hub so important? Recycle is only one of the important “R’s” in the process of keeping our world from drowning in trash. Reduce and Reuse are the other two, and arguably the more important. The Hub takes many items that are not able to be recycled curbside. Some are free to drop off. Some are recyclable for a fee. Even more important, in my opinion, is their program on the 4th floor. This is where you can go shopping! These are the items they accept for reuse. Inventory changes regularly. They post available items on social media … at there are many! Artist, crafters, gardeners, do-it-yourselfers, and YOU, can all find something on the 4th floor. This saves these items from going to the landfill. And, saves you money!


Check out what you can do to recycle beyond your curbside bin. Maybe organize with your neighbors to take turns dropping off these items. If you are outside the Cincinnati area, find the places near you that recycle beyond the curb.

Follow the Hub on social media to see what goodies they have for reuse on the 4 th floor.

If you are able, look into volunteering at the Hub. Volunteers sort items and prepare them for shipping. They work in the Reuse Shop. There are many things need doing, and you have a place there to help.