The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Ohio Province has responded to Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ Action Platform by creating the Dorothy Stang Initiative for Laudato Si’ Action. While in the process of gathering data from sisters, associates, staff, donors and others in our circle, we were reminded that all steps we take are important - both big and small. We therefore introduce Your Little Bit of Good, a short weekly one-pager that focuses on some aspect of the environment. It is an attempt to bring forward small things we can do.

Teresa Phillips
Director of Justice, Peace and Care for Creation


There is a prayer for each day of Laudato Si’ Week 2022 on this webpage. They highlight the seven groups addressed in the Holy Father’s Laudato Si’ Action Platform. I invite you to visit this page each day next week and join in this global prayer effort.


Next Week, May 22—29 is Laudato Si’ Week. This year is the seventh anniversary of the Holy Father’s encyclical on care of creation. You can join in the activities at this website. The purpose of Your Little Bit of Good is to highlight things we, as individuals, can do to help the planet. Part of what you can do requires knowing about and advocating for policies and practices on a large scale. In the action column, there are a few wonderful websites that I invite you to visit. Advocacy is critical if we are to slow the advance of climate change. We must advocate with politicians to have any hope of systemic change. Research your candidates’ stance on environmental issues. Let the manufacturers of the products you use know that you care about the environment. Ask them to look at how they package their products. Ask them what their carbon footprint is. If you have investments, talk to your investment manager about looking into alternatives to companies that make careless use of our environment. Let the life and legacy of Sr. Dorothy Stang guide your actions for the planet.

Just a little note: Today, May 20, is the United Nations’ World Bee Day! I know we have already learned about the grave dangers the world’s bee populations face and what you can do in your yard. But I didn’t know there was a World Bee Day and I wanted to share. You can read more here. And watch their You Tube video thanking the bees!


The Pachamama Alliance is a wonderful resource for information. You can find them here. “Pachamama Alliance is a global community that offers people the chance to learn, connect, engage, travel and cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future that works for all.”

Green Umbrella is a local sustainability alliance here in Cincinnati. You can find them here