The Causes of Trafficking

Traffickers prey on people with promises of higher incomes to improve economic situations, support parents and families in villages, and escape from war and conflict.

Women and children are the key target group because of their marginalization in many societies and their limited economic resources. Other key target groups include:

  • people from improverished and low income households 
  • ethnic minorities, indigenous people, hill tribes, refugees, and illegal migrants 
  • people with low levels of education 
  • young girls running away from home

Trafficking Techniques

  • Local Contacts - Traffickers enlist the help of local persons and villagers to identify vulnerable families.
  • Direct Sale - Women and children are sold to traffickers by parents or other family members.
  • Deceit - Unscrupulous agents deceive parents and lure women and girls with false promises of well-paid work in cities or marriages to rich husbands.
  • Debt Bondage - Traffickers provide economic incentives and financial loans to parents which bind their children into sex-slavery or other exploitative forms of labor. Debt terms are often ill-defined.

Working Environment = Deplorable Conditions

  • Conditions of work and treatment often involve slavery-like practices and prison-like environments.
  • Physical and sexual abuse is common. 
  • Trafficked persons have almost non-existent access to health and medical facilities. 
  • Trafficked persons work long hours, with little to no rest or recreation. 
  • Earnings are withheld with prolonged indebtedness to traffickers. 

Hands chained and lock picture