Solidarity is the Key

What is solidarity? When I visited classrooms, I simplified the definition of solidarity for the students by saying, “Solidarity is wanting for others what you want for yourself and taking action to make that happen.” To me, being anti-racist is simply this: being in solidarity with people who don’t look like me; people who are living in a system intentionally designed to work against them and taking action to change that system.

Our first actions need to be with ourselves. I am often left speechless biases pop into my thoughts, words and actions. It is important to learn about unconscious bias. Coupled with my unearned white privilege, unconscious bias is a powerful tool used to deny and negate our sisters and brothers of color. It is what keeps racism alive. This is a long and challenging process of transformation.

The next step is educating ourselves on the history of racism and how systems in the United States were intentionally designed by European ancestors to favor them and subsequently future white citizens.

Books such as: Stamped from the Beginning: the Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America and How to be an Anti-racist by author Dr. Ibram X Kendi are a great start.

There are many options on the journey to be in active solidarity with our marginalized sisters and brothers. We can do the hard work of rooting out our own conscious and unconscious biases at the same time that we are intentionally working to address biases in our institutions. Solidarity is key to taking action so the beloved community becomes a reality among us.

Stay safe, stay engaged.

Teresa Phillips
Director of Office of Justice Peace and Care for Creation


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