The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Corporate Position on Anti-Trafficking

We Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur of the United States, members of an international Catholic congregation, declare our abhorrence of all forms of human trafficking in all the places where it exists, and pledge to work with others for its elimination.


Consonant with our faith in the message of Jesus Christ, we affirm the dignity of all persons and their right to justice. We denounce the exploitation of all victims ensnared in this crime most especially women and children.

We stand with others pledging to work for the elimination of human trafficking and its causes, most particularly of the poverty which renders victims vulnerable to traffickers. We pledge to pray for victims and to use our skills and ministerial resources for the healing of victims and just punishment for their tormenters.


We commit ourselves to:

ongoing prayer for the release and healing of those who are trafficked ongoing prayer for the traffickers for their change of heart and repentance inform our publics about trafficking
support the U.N. agenda on anti-trafficking
advocate for anti-trafficking legislation
participate in socially responsible projects to reduce poverty
foster consumer awareness of goods produced by modern slaves.


We commit ourselves to review our accountability for implementation annually.